Mana Originals

Mana Originals is an innovative powerhouse developing groundbreaking new work across all media platforms. Led by seasoned creatives, our team is passionate about telling extraordinary stories. Our content creators believe that one-of-a-kind characters, unforgettable moments, and timeless themes are the bedrock of great storytelling. In our tireless search for bold ideas, we are committed to developing new formats that transcend existing genres and defy expectations. Our mission is originality—anything but standard-issue television.

As an integral part of Mana Common’s Jersey City community of artists, our team benefits from the unique creative ecosystem and experience in all areas of production. Mana Originals excels in idea development as well as technical know-how. Through our robust industry network, we are connected to the industry’s most sought-after writers, directors, editors, producers, design artists, and visual effect specialists.

Mana Originals is dedicated to the mission of developing superior concepts and producing thought-provoking content that is enlightening, empowering, and entertaining worldwide. Our commitment to creating  innovative documentaries, live shows, stand-alone videos, short-form digital content and long-form television programming proves that our creativity and professionalism are as boundless as our imagination.

The Team

S Baitel.jpg

Shai Baitel, 
Throughout his professional career, Shai has proven his creativity, out-of-the-box approach, as well as an irreverent, uncanny ability to capture an audience. As Mana Original's Creative Director he once again demonstrates his knack for storytelling and his wide-ranging capabilities for customized stage and screen content for both corporate and private productions.

Ohad (Odi) Ashkenazi, 
SVP, Content
An international acclaimed TV producer, Ohad has directed and developed many international formats. Senior Vice President for Ananey Communication/Viacom, Ohad launched and managed Comedy Central in Israel. He also worked with Keshet International, Endemol and a number of other renowned media companies.

Skylar Landsee, 
Development Producer

Skylar is a rising TV and film producer with a passion for socially transformative storytelling. Before joining Mana Originals, he got a crash course in production as coordinator and assistant on everything from low-budget indie films to big budget monsters (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows), prestige television (The Americans, Season 3), and nearly 40 commercials for top brands (Nike, Apple, Cadillac, Target, and many more). Sunset, Skylar's award-winning short film, premiered at Palm Springs ShortFest in 2017 and has screened in more than 20 film festivals worldwide since.