Mane Sakic

Mane Sakic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1971 to a family of artists and revolutionaries. Public fori have attracted his attention throughout his career during which he lived, worked and exhibited in Serbia, Spain, and now USA. The revolutionary power of art to him is best expressed in public forums and through juxtaposing of opposing techniques and themes. He exhibited his work at places like Plaza Dos de Mayo in Madrid and made his art a part of numerous public premises in that city. His exhibition at Kalenic pijaca, the largest green market in Belgrade, was well noted as well as in the decayed Tito Banquet Room in Hotel Slavija, Belgrade. His mosaic work adorns one of the city center streets in Belgrade, and his paintings The Museum of Cinematography and The Ministry of Culture in Belgrade. Mane studied painting at the Belgrade University of Fine Arts, in the class of Professor Momcilo Antonievic, from which he graduated in 1995.