Matthew Paul Cleary

Starting at an early age Matthew Paul Cleary was perplexed with the existential question of human existence. Beyond the simple condition of being, the artist was deeply affected by his early years in the Catholic church, in tandem with his experiences living on twenty-two acres at the base of a mountain. The wonder and awe Cleary experienced growing up in the mountains of New Hampshire caused a rift between him and the church, which has stayed with him all of his life.

The artist’s work continues to explore the natural world that is happening all around us, while using occult idolatry and symbolism as a platform to question how we, as humans, learn to cope with the unbearable weight of being. The Church, Science, and the Individual will always ask the big questions: Why we are here? How is it all relevant? Relevant to what? These questions speak to the broadest audience….all of us.