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Mana Common is pleased to announce its third edition of pro­gramm­ing during Miami Art Week, taking place from November 29 to December 4, 2016, held at Mana’s 30-acre campus in the Wynwood arts district.

This year, our focus is the major role that art plays in innovation: not only in the humanities, but equally as importantly in the realms of science, technology, engineering, and medicine. This approach rises directly from Mana’s foundational values of community and process.

Mana Common Presents
2016 Miami Art Week Program

November 30–December 4, 2016

Mana Wynwood Convention Center

2217 NW 5th Avenue, Miami, FL 33127

VIP Opening Event:

November 29, 2016 7:30PM
By Invitation Only

Free To The Public:

November 30, 2016–December 3, 2016 12PM–8PM

December 4, 2016 12PM–7PM

Lauretta Vinciarelli, Incandescent Frames (Study 1), 1998

Mana Seven
Curated by Mana Common Artistic Director and President Eugene Lemay, with Mana Common Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol, this exhibition focuses on the crossover of art and science. The show takes the Pythagorean structure of the Seven Liberal Arts, disciplines identified in classical times which form the basis of modern education and intellectual development. These seven arts are divided into two sections: The Trivium (language: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric), which takes form as a booklet essays by journalist Filippo Brunamonti, science historian and writer D.Graham Burnett, and composer/​artist/​architect Christopher Janney; and The Quadrivium (Astronomy, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Harmony) which will include work by Loris Cecchini, Catalina Jaramillo, GT Pellizzi, Lauretta Vinciarelli, among others. This exhibit will be presented every year at Miami with new artists.

Andrew Schoultz, Cyclical Nature, 2015
Image courtesy of Mark Moore Gallery

Located at NW 2nd and NW 22nd Lane, a sweeping experiential installation created by artist Andrew Schoultz on the Wynwood campus. Based on his 2015 art exhibit, Cyclical Nature, the Infinity Plaza is a combination of skate park, painting, and sculpture: a permanent public artwork that Schoultz has created for the Mana Wynwood community.

Installation view from Pinta Miami, 2015

Pinta Miami
This year, Mana Common is collaborating with Pinta: Latin American Art Fair for their tenth anniversary, Pinta Miami. Pinta is an exclusive and intimate international art fair of select exhibitors invited to present the best Modern and Contemporary art from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Founded in 2006, Pinta is an annual, must-see event for collectors, museums, and curators. The unprecedented success and growth of the fair has been a major influence in the visibility and appreciation of Latin American Art. It is organized by Diego Costa Peuser, co-founder of Pinta and CEO of the magazine Arte al Día Internacional, and manager of an international platform that also organizes PArC—Perú Arte Contemporáneo; BAphoto; and the Gallery Night events held in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. Additional support is provided by the Fundación SaludArte, which is led by collector Tanya Capriles Brillembourg; and EFG Bank.

Sonia Cunliffe, Tarará in the present, 2015

Documentos Extraviados: Niños de Chernóbil en Cuba (Missing Documents: The Children of Chernobyl in Cuba)
An exhibition presented by Peruvian artist Sonia Cunliffe, dedicated to the 26,000 children affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and the enormous solidarity shown by Cuba, who provided shelter and medical assistance to these children for over two decades (1990–2011), even while that country suffered economically. Cunliffe assembles photographs, video, diaries, newspapers clippings, and testimonials, based on the research led by Cuban journalist Maribel Acosta on this seldom talked-about humanitarian efforts. This exhibition was first shown in a church in Lima, Peru. Cunliffe examines Cuba’s gesture, the role of journalism in history, the children, and the nature of the archive.

Martín Legón, Principios para un manifiesto especular, 2012

Mana Residencies Presents: Miami Wynwood Residencies
Led by Mana Common Curatorial Director Ysabel Pinyol, Mana Residencies give local and international visual artists the opportunity to work at Mana Common. The program provides a complimentary studio, providing artists the opportunity to freely develop and expand their practice with the benefits of additional space, a strong community, and ongoing support.

There are three locations, each differing in their curation: Jersey City, for emerging and mid-career artists (1 year program); Chicago, for local artists (6 month program); and Wynwood, for Latin American artists (3 month program).

Our residents are selected from a strong network of like-minded individuals, many of whom choose to continue their stay at Mana Common. The year 2017 inaugurates the Wynwood Residencies, with the following artists: Alexis Abel (Peru, Proyecto Fugaz), Luciana Lamonthe (Argentina, Arte al Día), Martín Legón (Argentina, Arte al Día), Aarón Lopez (Peru, Proyecto Fugaz), Jazmin Lopez (Argentina, Arte al Día), Matias Quintero (Colombia, Escuela Flora), Leonardo Ramos (Colombia, Escuela Flora), Zoë Sua Kay. Please note that these residencies are invitation-only, however applications will be considered.

Bill Viola, Inverted Birth, 2014

Viola Meets Mozart
An exclusive live event with Bill Viola's Inverted Birth, accompanied by the PhilarMIA Orchestra performing Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.5, with lead violinist Julian Rachlin, dancer Jesus Pastor, and conducted by Pablo Mielgo. (Invitation-only.)

Lydia Okumura, Different Dimensions of Reality, 1971

The Global South: Visions and Revisions from The Brillembourg Capriles Collection
Led by art collector Tanya Capriles Brillembourg, the Brillembourg Capriles Collection is dedicated to the preservation, inclusion, and critical analysis of the context and appreciation of Latin American art. This year, she presents The Global South: Visions and Revisions, an exhibition grounded in the idea of geometric abstraction as a modernist theme during the 20th and 21st centuries. Curated by Adriana Herrera and Adolfo Wilson, it is divided into three sections: “South Versions/​Subversion of the Grid”; “Utometries”; and “Cosmic Playfulness in the Global South”. Both renowned and previously undiscovered artists are represented, including Victor Vassarely, María Freire, and Vik Muniz.

Image courtesy of STREETARTNEWS

Mana Urban Arts Project
Our Mana Urban Arts Project will host a range of activations, including Andrew Schoultz's interactive installation, Infinity Plaza; the Clubhouse, a partnership with Juxtapoz magazine, which will include installations by Cey Adams, David Ellis, Fintan Magee, Dennis McNett, Swoon, Zio Ziegler, among others. Also in the Clubhouse will be a group show from gallerist Jonathan LeVine, Scott Campbell’s WHOLE GLORY, as well as a comprehensive book and print shop. In the Juxtapoz Alley, BSMT presents Apostrophe NYC’s Base 12, who will transform a 6,000 square foot loft into an immersive exhibition of murals, 3D paintings, model installations, and a “white wall gallery”.

Image courtesy of Milk Gallery

MILK Presents: Scott Campbell: WHOLE GLORY
MILK is proud to present WHOLE GLORY by prolific tattoo artist Scott Campbell during Miami Art Week. WHOLE GLORY was first held at Milk Gallery in New York in November 2015. Selected at random, visitors won a free tattoo by Campbell, with a caveat: they could not choose or see what he was doing; in turn, he could not see them. The winner put their arm through a hole in the wall for Campbell to tattoo their prize. This was a huge and widely-reported success, and quickly moved to Los Angeles at the Shinola DTLA for its second iteration. It has been presented in Moscow (Garage Museum) and London (Lazarides Gallery).

Leonard Suryajaya, (With Sister, Aunts, Uncles and Cousin) Mom as Bodhisattva, 2015

Mana Portraits
A look into modern portraiture, drawn entirely from artists who are part of the Mana Common community. This collection—which includes painting, photography, and sculpture—observes the multifaceted ways in which a sitter can be represented. The gaze of the artist, and their individual approach, is as much on display; beyond the objective of creating a likeness of the subject, the personal and political intentions of the portrait are also the focus of this exhibition. Curated by Ysabel Pinyol, Curatorial Director at Mana Common. Artists include: John Dubrow, How and Nosm, James English Leary, Shelter Serra, and Zoë Sua Kay.