Art Week

Hours and Locations

777 Mall
141 E Flagler Street
December 6–10, 10AM–7PM

32–54 SE 1st Street
December 6–10, 12–7PM
December 8–9 (After-hours), 7–11PM

Flagler Station
53 SE 1st Street & 48 E Flagler Street
December 6–10, 12–7PM

Juxtapoz Clubhouse
200 E Flagler Street
December 7–9, 11AM–8PM
December 10, 11AM–3PM

Mana Square Beer Garden
30 E Flagler Street
December 7–10, 12PM–Late

Schedule of Events

BSMT Bloc, 32–54 SE 1st Street

Mana BSMT New Media

Curated by Grace Franck

James Clar
Alex Czetwertynski
Lisa Park
Bradley Bowers
Matthias Brown (Traceloops)
Sam Cannon
Pablo Gnecco
Hayden Zezula (Zolloc)

Sarah Rothberg
Andrew Thomas Huang
Billie Pate
Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Freeka Tet
Dave & Gabe
Thoka Maer
Harald Haraldsson
Cody Ranaldo

The BSMT New Media Program (NMP) presents Flatland, a group exhibition of eighteen artists exploring new technologies. Spanning five storefronts in Downtown Miami, transformed into five conceptual levels—Dissociation, Liminality, Other Worlds, Resurface, and Flatland—the exhibition leads visitors on a cognitive journey of many dimensions. Using machine vision, biometric sensors, anamorphic 3D projection mapping, VR, AR, and more, the works in the show invite one to dissociate momentarily from ordinary waking consciousness, and explore the worlds of eighteen artists who imagine new perspectives of “reality.” Fear not, for the journey ends back where one started, in a world we shall call Flatland.

Installation view of Flatland, 2017. Photo: Cody Ranaldo

777 Mall, 141 E Flagler Street

Focus on Puerto Rico

1st Floor
Focus on Puerto Rico is a new residency program, developed in partnership with Clocktower Productions and MECA International Art Fair, offering studio space to artists of Puerto Rico and its diaspora. The residency aims to celebrate Puerto Rican artists and provide a platform to garner broader access to, and understanding of, Puerto Rico’s contemporary social-political landscape—addressing issues facing the territory in relation to the U.S. policy and the Caribbean at-large. In addition to a three-month studio residency (Oct.–Dec. 2017), Clocktower will organize an exhibition, programming, and open-studio events during Miami Art Week 2017.

Focus on Puerto Rico at 777 International Mall, Miami. Photo: On The Real Film

777 Mall, 141 E Flagler Street


2nd and 3rd Floor
Prizm Art Fair will present a global program examining and unpacking complexities inherent in transcultural dialogue and how Africa and its Diaspora preserve a sustainable dialogue with its identity relative to the dynamics present in the transformation of cultures. To that end, Prizm will explore an array of narratives shaping the Diasporic experience in widespread geographies across the globe to reveal a contemporary discourse that addresses forces defined by an evolved assessment and understanding of the effects of colonialism, the cultural adaptations that have emerged as a byproduct of relocation and displacement and the prescription for an illuminated future.

Schedule of Events
Prizm Tickets

Basil Kincaid, BlackWhole: Double Consciousness and the Singularity of Our Inner Light, 2017. Courtesy of Basil Kincaid and Prizm

777 Mall, 141 E Flagler Street

O, Miami presents
Booktanica Jai-Alai

1st Floor
Booktanica Jai-Alai is a pop-up bookstore and spiritual market hosted in a former breezeway mall in Downtown Miami. Is the person you’re in love with not in love with you? Have you had a run of bad luck? Need to convince your boss to give you a raise? Come down to Booktanica Jai-Alai. We have a vela, oil, or book to meet your needs. Booktanica Jai-Alai features the spiritual products of Donna Freeman of Spirit & Beyond and Miami-made books by Jai-Alai Books, a subsidiary of O, Miami

O, Miami at 777 International Mall, Miami. Photo: On The Real Film

777 Mall, 141 East Flagler Street

Dale Zine Shop

1st Floor
Dale Zine, established in Miami in 2009, is an independent publisher dedicated to printing and offering a platform for multi-media artists. Started as a one-off zine collaboration about Garfield, Dale Zine has grown into a creative beacon for Miami’s community, from teaching all-ages zine workshops, to an independent radio show, and much more. Each day during Miami Art Week, Dale Zine will host programs and workshops for all ages, led by multi-media artists in the Dale Zine network.

Dale Zine at 777 International Mall, Miami. Photo: On The Real Film

200 E Flagler Street

Juxtapoz Clubhouse

1st Floor
For the second year, Juxtapoz Art & Culture will present the “Clubhouse” in Miami during Miami Art week, featuring installations, site-specific projects, murals, gallery presentations, and interactive experiences from artists featured in the magazine. The 2017 Juxtapoz Clubhouse will be presented in association with adidas, with a special “adidas Showcase” exhibition of emerging artists from the world of skateboarding.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse, 2017. Photo: On The Real Film

Flagler Station, 53 SE 1st Street

Azikiwe Mohammed
Jimmy’s Thrift

Mana BSMT is pleased to present Jimmy’s Thrift, a performative installation of Azikiwe Mohammed’s fictional thrift store, Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime. New Davonhaime—a location conceived by Mohammed—is an amalgamation of the names of the five most densely populated Black cities in America: New Orleans, Detroit, Jackson, Birmingham, and Savannah. Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime was created to serve as a safe space for Black and Brown people living in America. Mohammed will be on site the entire length of Miami Art Week performing as Jimmy, the store owner of Jimmy’s Thrift.

Courtesy of the artist

Flagler Station, 53 SE 1st Street

Mark Niskanen and Jani-Matti Salo
No Names

No Names is a performance-installation that creates an intimate platform for communication between two people. The installation consists of a light bulb attached to a microphone stand, a chair, and headphones. Unknowingly, by encountering the installation, a visitor becomes connected with a stranger. Their conversation remains private. Coincidently, the scene becomes a performance to those surrounding and observing the conversing participant.

Courtesy of the artists


Art Week

Hours and Location

Mana Wynwood
2217 NW 5th Avenue
December 7–9, 12–8PM
December 10, 12–6PM

Schedule of Events

Black Box, 2217 NW 5th Avenue

III Points, Björk

III Points is bringing Björk to Mana Wynwood on December 5, 2017 for a special musical engagement and her first ever appearance in Florida. The iconic Icelandic artist, whose ninth studio album is out later this year, will curate a DJ set in the 100,000 square foot Black Box space. Tickets available here.

2217 NW 5th Avenue

Exquisite Corpse: Moving Image in Latin American and Asian Art
Organized by Asia Society Museum, Mana Contemporary, and Smack Mellon

Exquisite Corpse: Moving Image in Latin American and Asian Art embodies the exquisite corpse model as a curatorial framework between three institutions—Asia Society Museum, Mana Contemporary, and Smack Mellon—using video and new media work by contemporary artists who represent perspectives from across Latin America and Asia as the variable contributions.

Installation view of Exquisite Corpse, 2017. Photo: On The Real Film

2217 NW 5th Avenue

The Words We Won’t Say
Four contemporary artists from Colombia
An Initiative of Thibault Poutrel
Curated by Catherine Petitgas

The Words We Won’t Say presents a selection of works by four prominent contemporary artists from Colombia: Iván Argote (b. 1983), Milena Bonilla (b. 1975), Carlos Motta (b. 1978), and Oscar Muñoz (b. 1951). Borrowing its title from a piece by Argote, the exhibition focuses on the notion of anti-monument and the debate around a new model of society in Colombia following the 2016 Peace Agreement that put an end to more than sixty years of civil war in the country.

Iván Argote, Excerpt: The Words We Won’t Say, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Perrotin

Black Box, 2217 NW 5th Avenue

Samson Young, “Muted Situations”

Reception and performative installation by Samson Young. By invitation only, Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

Samson Young, Muted Situation #5: Muted Chorus, 2017. Photo: On The Real Film

2217 NW 5th Avenue

Focus on Puerto Rico

Curated by Marina Reyes Franco and Ysabel Pinyol

Focus on Puerto Rico is a product of the Focus on Puerto Rico residency program, which was developed by Clocktower, Mana Contemporary, and MECA International Art Fair this year. Opening at Mana Wynwood for Miami Art Week 2017, Focus on Puerto Rico highlights the residents’ most recent work made during the three-month program. Samson Young. By invitation only, Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

Installation view of Focus on Puerto Rico. Photo: On The Real Film

2217 NW 5th Avenue

Pinta Miami

Pinta Miami—Crossing Cultures returns to Miami Art Week with new programs and initiatives for its 11th edition. These new programs look to further PINTA’s mission and encompass galleries from around the globe while maintaining a conceptual dialogue across all countries, cultures, and genres.

Pinta Miami at Mana Wynwood, 2017. Photo: On The Real Film

SCAD Building, 2217 NW 5th Avenue

Equinox Sports Club

Equinox will lead a hip-hop inspired yoga class, a benefit for the Felix Organization and the Irie Foundaton, enriching the lives of children in need. It will include a performance by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Hamilton star Donald Webber, Jr. Limited edition yoga mats designed by the Bushwick Collective will be given to top fundraisers. The event requires registration. Register at

2400 NW 5th Avenue

Bushwick Collective

The Bushwick Collective is an organization of graffiti artists that was founded by Joe Ficalora in Brooklyn, New York, in 2011. Joe’s experiences growing up in rough 1980s Bushwick inspired him to find relief through wall art. For Miami Art Week 2017, the Bushwick Collective is organizing ongoing programming, ranging from educational and community building activities to DJs and live-painting events.