"It's easy to forget these days, in our now internet driven society, but many of the iconic photos of the 20th century were first seen in large-format illustrated magazines by mass audiences. Photography's "power to shock, surprise, and delight" in print is on view with the "Sudden Impact: Photography on the Printed Page" exhibition at the International Center of Photography Mana Contemporary Gallery in Jersey City, New Jersey. The show, which runs through April 8, 2016, highlights 35 striking international magazine covers and photo spreads from the 1920s to 40s that combined both graphic imagery and compelling design. The exhibition provides important historical context for how photography has impacted our visual culture and showcases the work of well-known photographers, including André Kertész, Robert Capa, Margaret Bourke-White. This images shows arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung, August 10, 1933, with a cover photomontage by John Heartfield."

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CBS News
February 19, 2016

John Heartfield. Courtesy International Center of Photography