For future of Wynwood, look to Jersey City.
Yes. Jersey City.


"JERSEY CITY, N.J. Moving-company and arts mogul Moishe Mana’s grand but hazy vision for his extensive holdings in Miami’s mushrooming Wynwood district, which calls for a mini-city built around “culture,” starts to solidfy once you see his sprawling Mana Contemporary art center in this once-forsaken industrial town.

Mana spent millions to turn a complex of century-old brick warehouse and factory buildings into a bright, bustling campus that caters to the full ecology of the visual arts in an all-inclusive way that’s not been tried before. There are artists’ studios, a foundry, vast exhibition spaces, state-of-the-art storage and galleries for private collectors, offices and archives for major art foundations, even an art school, all combined with crating, framing, restoration and shipping services."

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Miami Herald
June 22, 2016