Marilyn Monroe Drew A Nude Portrait,
And It Ain’t Too Shabby


"You are probably quite familiar with Marilyn Monroe the muse, the blond bombshell, the so-called “sexy looking angel.” We’ve heard tales of Ms. Norma Jeane singing sultry renditions of “Happy Birthday,” getting caught in the breeze in a stunning white dress, casually remarking she wore only Chanel No. 5 to bed. It’s easy to remember the beauty that was Marilyn Monroe as she appeared in pictures or movies. But of course, she was so much more. An exhibition titled “Marilyn: Character Not Image” (curated, oddly enough, by Whoopi Goldberg), aims to create a more complex portrait of one of Hollywood’s most spellbinding celebrities, featuring not just her photographs but her clothing, her poetry, and, yes, even her artwork."

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The Huffington Post
September 23, 2016

Image: Marilyn Monroe by Weegee