Machine man: bringing Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet into the digital era


"In 1922, German modern artist Oskar Schlemmer debuted his seminal Triadisches Ballett (Triadic Ballet), an avant-garde dance performance in three parts celebrating the emerging industrial era. Nearly 100 years later, film and art director Mafalda Millies and curator and creative director Roya Sachs revisit Schlemmer’s concept of ‘machine meets man’ with Virtually There at the Mana Contemporary, New Jersey. ‘Roya and I wanted to invite artists that were very different and dynamic to bring together their interpretations of how man was affected by, in Schlemmer's case, machine culture, and in our case, digital reality.’"

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Dujour November 20, 2016
Written by Olivia Martin

Image: Detail of the Accordion Man costume. Photography by Eliza Soros