Julien Prévieux, Patterns of Life, film still, 2015

Introducing Body + Camera, a film festival that broadens the meaning of dance


"Mana Contemporary Chicago will create something new in 2017: a film festival about dance that also expands commonly held interpretations of what "dance" means. Presented in collaboration with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and Montom Arts, the first annual Body + Camera Film Festival will celebrate "the intersection between the moving body and the moving image" and focus on emerging artists "with contemporary, experimental projects that push traditional mediums to their edge." The festival is accepting entries now through February 20, 2017. 

Molly Feingold, director of programming and partnerships at Mana, says the idea for the festival stemmed from a couple of one-night showings of dance films produced by Montom Arts: choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker Monica Thomas's ongoing project that explores the intersection between dance and video."

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Chicago Reader December 2, 2016
Written by Leah Pickett

Julien Prévieux, Patterns of Life, film still, 2015. Photo courtesy of Jousse Enterprise Gallery (Paris)