Ayn Foundation Presents: Arnulf Rainer

18 Oct 2015 - 1 Aug 2017 at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, United States


Born in 1929 in Baden, near Vienna, Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer was a nonconformist from the beginning: he dropped out of art school twice after only a few days, preferring instead to follow his intuition. Now internationally-acclaimed, with retrospectives at the Georges Pompidou (1984) and the Guggenheim New York (1989), his body of work is immense, his singular, provocative influence uncontested.

Using a variety of media and materials, and mostly recognized for his "overpaintings," in which he blocks out artworks, Rainer’s impulses have been fueled by obsession, the subconscious, dreams, Surrealism, primal forces, and mythology. Using unconventional methods such as painting in altered states, using passport photo booths for self-portraits, painting blindfolded, or with his feet–sometimes with his entire body–Rainer manipulates form, composition, and perception to capture extreme emotions. He searches for the limits of an image, in order to push past them and release hidden energies.

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Wall Street International
May 13, 2017

Installation View of Ayn Foundation Presents: Arnulf Rainer.