Mana Contemporary Explores New Dimensions in Flatland


Any given night, a stroll through the streets of downtown Miami feels like a walk through a dystopian wasteland. Abandoned storefronts in forgotten buildings line dimly lit sidewalks; displaced bodies litter alleyways, their makeshift bedrooms haphazardly strewn under overhangs. It's not hard to imagine the area as the scene of a futuristic nightmare despite the best intentions of city officials and developers aiming to make downtown the next epicenter of luxury in Miami.

In reflecting on that paradox and downtown Miami's ominous scenery, Mana Contemporary will present "Flatland: A Journey of Many Dimensions." A group exhibition composed of artists in Mana BSMT's New Media program, "Flatland" will transform five downtown storefronts to depict five conceptual levels: DissociationLiminalityOther WorldsResurface, and Flatland. Marrying downtown's gritty, downtrodden backdrop with a futuristic vision of a new reality, the exhibit will guide viewers through each world, incorporating AR/VR elements and 3D projection mapping. The exhibition will by on display December 6 through 10.

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Miami New Times
Written by Nicole Martinez
November 30, 2017

One Minute Dreamscape (2016) by James Clar.