threeASFOUR Brings Fashion To Mana Contemporary

The design trio expands the horizons of the Jersey City arts center.


No longer housed in their memory laden, labyrinthine silver studio space on Forsythe street where last we met them, threeASFOUR are now in a beautifully lit open-plan studio. It’s week two of a three-year residency when I stop by for a visit.

The thing that strikes me about the space is the entire wall of archives — probably over 100 — feet of bankers boxes stacked in a row almost to the ceiling. The archives speak to the history and importance and legacy of threeASFOUR, at the same time as they are focusing on a brand new iteration. Having persevered for long enough to become an institution of New York fashion, it is possible to forget how innovative and how on the cusp of the new threeASFOUR consistently are.

Their latest move is part of a partnership with Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.  Adi Gil explains how it came about. “We got this offer to come here and develop a fashion incubator. This art center only has artists nothing related to fashion. We had an exhibition here last summer, and we got closer with the creative person behind the center, and he’s been trying to get us since then.”

Evidently, Mana got them, and they embarked on the new journey, leaving the old studio behind (at least for the next 3 years). Saying goodbye to the old studio was obviously brought up a lot of nostalgia after having been there so long. Angela Donhauser thinks it had been 18 years; Adi claims 19. Finally, Angela resolves the confusion the with: “We sent that kid off to college.” And, as with any college departure, a lot of nostalgia:

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May 15, 2017

ThreeASFOUR studio at Mana Contemporary. Photo by Olimpia Dior. Courtesy of