Roy Mana

Roy Mana, is a writer, composer and also plays the piano, as well as. He was born in Tel-Aviv on 11/6/1991 in a house that was breathing music. His first romance with the music world, was when he was a teenager, starting as a DJ of hip hop music. Even though he used to sing in weddings and family events at his youth, at a certain point he lost his confidence and only at the age of 18 he decided to make a comeback and fulfill his dream of becoming a singer. he started turning the musical hobby into a profession and started taking vocal lessons. Roy started performing in clubs and large productions. Mana is a signer, who came up with numerous singles already, among them is the duet “Show Me Your Face” with Netanel Perry, as well as, “Mommy”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Princess From Fairy Tales”, “Give Me A Hand”, and “To Live With You”.