Sue Waller

Sue Waller studied filmmaking and interrelated media at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston before moving to Paris where she worked as an illustrator; from there, she settled in enchanting medieval village in the southwest of France and created a spacious indoor outdoor atelier in the sky. Inspired by nature, architecture, film, photography and sculpture, Waller began experimenting with fashion design—constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing and draping techniques.

Only using the finest materials, Waller focused on purity of form through couture handcrafted details and a sort of futuristic, punk rock, science fiction, medieval and Victorian mix, which resist ephemeral fashion trends yet emphasizing an elegant silhouette. The artist began selling her collections in Paris’ most revered boutique, L’Eclaireur, and in prestigious avant garde luxury boutiques throughout Europe and the United States, including Maxfield, Linda Dresner Blake, and Chegini.