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Keating Foundry at Mana

Led by master sculptor Ben Keating, this on-site metal-casting facility aims to help anyone create the sculpture of their dreams

American artist Ben Keating is a seasoned sculptor who works primarily in bronze. He also manufactures work for acclaimed artists including Julian Schnabel, Michele Oka Doner, Tom Otterness, and others. Keating works from his Mana-based metal-casting facility, which specializes in mold-making, production, and custom patination. He also works with artists of all skill levels to cast a desired object, regardless of the project’s scale or complexity. Visitors are invited to observe the age-old process of lost-wax casting, where a wax model of an object is placed inside a metal flask covered in plaster investment and fired; the wax is obliterated in the kiln, leaving behind plaster filled with molten metal.