Tour of France in 7 Stages — Class 1: Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Aug 2, 2016
7PM – 8:30PM


Tour of France in 7 Stages —
Class 1: Champagne and Sparkling Wines


Tour of France in 7 Stages / Tour de France en 7 Étapes

Spread out over 7 classes, we will take a virtual tour through France, visiting each of the major wine regions (Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Southwest France, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, and Alsace) and sampling some of the finest classics, revealing mysteries, debunking myths, and discovering hidden treasures. At the helm is Gary Hulton, certified sommelier, Wine Educator and Francophile whose favorite way to enjoy France is to drive through it, tasting the food and drink, looking at the art and architecture, and becoming a part of daily life in the very different micro-cultures that define what it means to be French. In addition to tasting fabulous wines, we will learn to speak a bit of the language, explore maps, regions, menus, and especially the labels. As the French say, we will “changer les idées” (refresh your mind). Let’s fire up the deux chevaux and get rolling.

Class 1: Tuesday, August 2—Champagne and Sparkling Wines. 

A glass of bubbles is always a fine way to start a meal, an adventure, a new beginning: so our first stop will be the region of Champagne in the northeastern part of France, about 150 kilometers east of Paris. Champagne is a tale of two cities, mountains, minerals, bad weather, a monk, and a Grande Dame. We will taste a selection of Champagnes and sparkling wines from nearby and throughout the country, learn about how they are made, why some are so much more expensive than others, how to find bargains, and how to properly open the bottle without causing an explosion, or losing half the bottle as it sprays across the room. Featured: 6-7 wines, 2 or 3 from Champagne (NV blend, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs), selections from les Crémants de Bourgogne, la Loire, Bordeaux, Alsace, Limoux, Blanquette (Languedoc), St Péray, Crémant de Die, Clariette de Die, Bellegarde Pétillant, or Gaillac Mousseux.

Location: Mana Café  
888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Time: 7PM-8:30PM

Price: Single classes are $55. To purchase tickets for August 2, click here .  

Discount packages for more than one class, or the entire program, are available. Please contact Marla Priest at for details.