Mana BSMT presents


Curated by Omari Douglin and Rachel Miller

October 15–November 3, 2017
Mana BSMT Vault


TRACES presents a group show featuring work by Jordi Artigas, Dilan Ray Cheavacci, Sedrick Chisom, Kevin Evans, Christian Hincapie, Sarah Kim, Sasha Panyuta, Jairo Sosa, Liv Vankuiken, Alex Velozo, and Elise Wunderlich.

What we leave behind, what gets left behind—garbage, traces of identities, who we were, ideas—things we’ve thought about, religions we’ve practiced, civilizations come and gone, objects we worship, places we like lingering with scents of what came before, held by the weight of now.

Pushing back the vices for renewal, rejecting the need to update everything for moments of the familiar. Fashioning the classics, finding what’s unknown about the known.

What is there to learn? About time and how it scrubs the functions of our forms, highlights the beauty of our creations, and gives us understanding of our power. How do we comment, inspire and perpetuate traces of our strength, individuality, and purpose. Our memories potent, with turns of the switch from high to low. 

– Omari Douglin
Curator, TRACES

Press Release

Installation views of Traces, photos by Thom Sanchez