Virtually There
A performance inspired
by Oskar Schlemmer’s
Triadic Ballet

November 19, 2016, 7PM
November 20, 2016, 6PM
November 21, 2016, 7:30PM
(Sold Out)
November 22, 2016, 7:30PM

Tickets are $100 and will be released on October 18, 2016

Shuttles will be provided from and to Milk Studios in Manhattan

Artistic Directors
Mafalda Millies and Roya Sachs
Karole Armitage
Costume Designers
Campana Brothers
Associate Designers
Jon Can Coskunes and Simone Duff
Set Designers
Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe
Charles Derenne (1982)
Creative Production
MATTE Projects
Lighting Design
Herrick Goldman
Stage Manager
Rachel Calter
Production Manager
Alberto Hamonet


Virtually There
A performance inspired by
Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet


Artistic directors and curators Mafalda Millies and Roya Sachs have joined forces to present Virtually There, a performance inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet (1922), hosted by the Performa Visionaries and presented by Mana Contemporary in Jersey City.

With choreography by iconic “punk ballerina” Karole Armitage; costumes by the renowned Brazilian designers the Campana Brothers; staging by Whitney Biennial artists Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe; music by underground French composer Charles Derenne; and creative production by technology innovators MATTE Projects. Opening Night is co-hosted by the Performa Visionaries, with proceeds to benefit Performa. The year 2016 also marks the thirtieth anniversary of Oskar Schlemmer's first exhibition in the US (Baltimore Museum of Art, 1986), as well as the ninetieth anniversary of the opening of the Bauhaus school in Dessau (1926).

The original Triadic Ballet explored the impact that machine culture and the industrial revolution had on society at the time. It portrayed a dematerialized “machine-man”, emerging from the industrial advances of the era. The avant-garde performance reflected Germany’s postwar preoccupation with technology, whilst also underlining the ethos of Walter Gropius and the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar, Art and Technology - A New Unity.

The Campana Brothers began the design of their five costumes by sourcing materials in the busy streets of Chinatown and the clustered garment district of New York City. After assembling materials such as colorful plastics, blinking LED lights, holographic mirrors, rubber tubes, latex inflatables, and weaved fabric, their sketches began to emerge. Following Schlemmer’s approach, only when the costumes were created could the movements of the dance materialize.

Karole Armitage’s choreography stays true to the ballet’s origin as an Anti-dance, a constructed theatrical costume dance. Armitage’s choreography captures the all encompassing impact of the digital sphere on society today, and evokes a journey in which our mind transcends from one state to another. All five participating dancers are part of Armitage Gone! Dance Company.

Artists Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe combine forces in creating their first ever collaborative stage design. Sculptors by profession, Gilmore and Rowe explore the geometries of the Bauhaus stage with their own work.

About Mafalda MiIlies and Roya Sachs  

Mafalda Millies is a film and creative director living in New York City. Since graduating with an MA in Political Science from the University of Texas, the native German has directed documentaries, short films and music videos. Her work most notably includes “Darknet Delivery” (2014), nominated at SXSW and SunValley Film Festival; “My name is Rashida” (2015) and MSMR’s “Wrong Victory” (2016) music video, nominated at Austin Music Video Festival and U.K. Music Video Awards. She also contributed to Jehane Noujaim’s Academy Award-nominated documentary “The Square” (2013). Her featured and published works include Interview magazine, L’Officiel, Noisey, Cicero Magazin, Oyster, ColoRising, and Bullet Media, amongst others. Mafalda is currently the Creative Director at C3 Artist Management, where she works with over 30 artists including The Strokes, NAS, The Head and The Heart and Future.

Roya Sachs is an independent curator and creative director living in New York. She grew up in London, studied at NYU, and has since worked at the MoMA and Sotheby's, as well as put together shows for institutions and companies such as Performa, Gertrude, ArtList, BOSI Contemporary Gallery, Elephant Family, and LAMB Arts. She is Co-Chair of the Performa Visionaries, an Ambassador of Creative Time, a founding member of the Dia Beacon Contemporary Associates, as well as an active committee member of UNICEF’s Next Generation benefits. Her features and published works range from Vogue magazine, ArtNet, W magazine, to Avenue magazine, Cultured, and The Coveteur, amongst others.

About Performa Visionaries

The Performa Visionaries are an international group of art insiders dedicated to supporting and enhancing Performa’s mission of producing new and cutting-edge performance across disciplines. The Visionaries engage in a deeper social and intellectual relationship with Performa, the artists with whom we work, and contemporary art and culture. Members actively participate in an array of curated events where new ideas around live performance and contemporary art are explored. For more information, visit

Image by Eliza Soros