Winning The White House: 
From Press Prints to Selfies


September 25, 2016 – January 27, 2017

Mana Contemporary and International Center of Photography (ICP) at Mana presents
a new exhibition that explores the impact of photography in election years

From official portraits and campaign ads to selfies and televised debates, images play an essential role in every presidential campaign. Now, Winning the White House: From Press Prints to Selfies—a new thought-provoking special exhibition presented by International Center of Photography—explores the complex relationship between candidates’ representations in visual media and their carefully created and tightly controlled campaign images.

Organized by ICP’s Assistant Curators Susan Carlson and Claartje van Dijk, Winning the White House: From Press Prints to Selfies features works by Cornell Capa, Grey Villet, Elliott Erwitt, Bill Eppridge, Chris Buck, Stephen Crowley, Ken Light, Mark Peterson, Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese, and others as well as campaign ephemera, posters, and video materials created for candidates from John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“Since the time of Abraham Lincoln through the present day, presidential candidates have used photographic imagery in their campaigns to impact public opinion,” says Claartje van Dijk, Assistant Curator of ICP. “While staged and curated press prints have historically been the tools of choice for candidates to reach and perform for their electorate, the delivery method has shifted from print publications to broadcast to computer and mobile phone screens—and the imagery has become more personal, more immediate and seemingly more off-the-cuff. With Winning the White House we examine that evolution and put it side to side with the screened selection of campaign images.”

“While professional press photographers continue to cover every campaign stop for major media outlets like their predecessors, they are now joined by thousands of amateur photographers,” adds Susan Carlson, Assistant Curator of ICP and van Dijk’s co-curator for Winning the White House. “With the rise of smart-phone technology and the rapid rate at which images are released on social media, the 2016 campaigns are seeing an even greater demand for visual content. This provides us with a timely opportunity to explore photography’s significant role in elections.”

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(1) O.J. Rapp, [Campaign rally for president Lyndon B. Johnson], 1964. Courtesy LBJ Library
(2) David Seidner, [Hillary Clinton], 1996.
© International Center of Photography,
David Seidner Archive
(3) Cornell Capa, [John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, campaigning in New York], October 19, 1960. © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos
(4) Elliott Erwitt, Inauguration Ball for President Barack Obama, Washington D.C., January, 2009. © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos
(5) Cornell Capa, [The fourth and last of the Kennedy-Nixon debates (held in New York City), as seen on the television of a bar, New York], October 21, 1960. © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos
(6) Marion S. Trikosko, [President Gerald Ford, covered with confetti, smiles at crowd after his arrival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the 1st presidential debate with Jimmy Carter], 1976. Courtesy Library of Congress

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